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Whenever updating the app we highly recommend taking a backup of your theme first. We do everything we can to minimise any issues, but problems can inevitably arise. If you have any problems or questions please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Version control

If you are using a version control system such as Github please ensure you update your repository with the latest copies of the storepickup.js and storepickup.liquid files.

v7.0.4 - Friday 31st July, 2020


Once upgraded to v7 you must not include any prior versions of our storepickup.js or storepickup.liquid files within your themes. Doing so could cause problems loading your rates. 
  • Existing abandoned carts will fail to generate rates once upgraded unless you enable "Fallback rates" via the apps Rates settings page.
  • If you have any rate adjustments configured for the Store Pickup + Delivery carrier service within Shopify -> Settings -> Shipping then these will need to be re-created after upgrading.
  • Currently there is no self-upgrade option. You must contact a member of our support team to schedule an upgrade. We will be releasing v7.0.4 for self-upgrade the week starting 17th August 2020.
  • If you are using Driving Distance Validation please ensure "Distance Matrix API" is enabled within your Google Maps API key settings.
To upgrade to v7 please contact [email protected]
  • This version contains major performance and stability improvements. 
  • We have updated the format of the ZapietId to include your customers checkout preferences.
  • Checkout update POST request removed from cart page improving stability and speed to checkout.
  • The above also removes sporadic rates issues caused customer accounts are enabled. 
  • Locations, Calendar and Rates APIs are now running on high availability serverless architecture.
  • Includes support for our upcoming Last Mile Delivery integrations.

Download v7.0.4

v6.0.8 - Monday 25th May, 2020

  • Address auto-completion now more accurate and faster
  • Address auto-completion automatically disabled when using exact or partial postal code matching
  • Improved support for Shopify's new multi-language store features
  • Support for Frequently Bought Together app by Code black belt
  • Support for manually setting discount codes using liquid (More information)
  • Support for Shopify shareable discount code links (More information)
  • 50% reduction in Google Maps API costs for those using address auto-completion functionality 

Download v6.0.8

v6.0.6 - Friday 8th May, 2020

  • Improved support for older browsers such as IE11, Edge and Safari 12.
  • We more gracefully handle errors. If pickup locations can not be loaded due to a server outage customers will still be able to checkout.
  • Fixed a small bug within the storepickup.liquid file that could cause issues when filtering checkout method using a tag or collection.

Download v6.0.6

v6.0.2 - Sunday 12th April, 2020

  • We now display conditional activation messages within the widget itself. Say for example you have a minimum delivery order value of $35. Rather than hiding the delivery option entirely like we did before, we now keep the delivery option visible, but display a warning message to your customers informing them of the minimum order value. The wording for these messages can be modified via the apps Settings -> Design page.
  • Improved support for themes using cart drawers, modals and other ajax type carts. 
  • Compatible with our integration.
  • Numerous other performance and stability related improvements.

Download v6.0.2

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