Adding price based rates

Once you have created your zone you can now begin to add rates to it. To create a price based rate is very simple.

  1. To start open Delivery rates by distance and select Zipcode Zones from the upper right hand side of the screen.

Once loaded select the zone that you wish to edit, in this example we are going to add a rate to our Upper West Side location. Simply click on the name of the zone and the rates section will load.

We are going to add 2 new rates to this zone, as we have 2 pricing tiers for this zone.

Tier 1 - Basket value under €50 - Delivery fee of €10
Tier 2  - Basket value of €50 and above - Free delivery

Lets add the first rate, the under €50 with a fee of €10. From the price based rates section select Add rate from the right hand side of the screen 

From the new window give you rate a name, description (optional but great to give your customers context), minimum order value, maximum order value and the rate price.

Note: In this example, as the next pricing tier begins at €50 this current pricing tier is only valid up to the value of €49.99. If we were to enter €50 then any customer with an exact basket value of €50 would see both delivery rates at the checkout as the basket value satisfies both rules.

Select Create rate and you're ready to go. The page will reload with the the price based rate in the zone.

To create the second pricing tier, simply repeat the process by selecting Add rate again and building your second rate. As the maximum order value is 'any value over €50' for our second rate you would not enter a value in this input.

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