Add pickup or delivery details to draft orders

Adding pickup or delivery location, date and times to draft orders

Creating your draft order

The first steps to is to create your draft order as you normally would, log into Shopify and head to Orders > Drafts and select Create Order.

Add the products to the order that your customer requires, you can search for them or use the browse button to view all the products on your store.

Once you have added your products you need to define a shipping rate. Normally when your customer checks our Store Pickup + Delivery will automatically generate the Store Pickup shipping rate for your customer, when creating a draft order it needs to be created manually.

In the case of a pickup order, we would add a shipping rate titled Store Pickup and add zero cost to it.

Note - local delivery rates will not be generated automatically either. You need to manually input the rate price as in the step above.

Once this is all in place we you can select the Save draft order to create the order in Shopify.

Adding the pickup details

Now the draft order is saved we can add the pickup attributes to the order such as the location, date and time.

To start select Store Pickup + Delivery from the More Actions list located just under the order number:

This will launch Store Pickup + Delivery. The first option that you will have is to select which checkout method the customer requires, in this case we would choose Store pickup:

Once pickup is chose you have the option to select the location, date and time. We do not apply any advanced notice rules here, so you can select any time of any time without a lead time. If you do not use the date/time picker fields simply leave the blank and just assign your order to the correct location:

With the correct location/date/time in place you can hit Save in the top right to add the attributes to the order. It can take a few minutes for this to add all of the attributes to the app.

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