Product based preparation time


If you have some products that require more preparation time then others then you've come to the right place! Our "Preparation time per product" feature is going to change your world! 

This feature is only available on our Advanced and Pro plans.

Store Pickup

Edit your pickup location and ensure that you have added all of your pickup products to the location. 

Next hover over the product you wish to add more preparation time to, and click the Prep time button.

Within the popup that appears click Enable custom preparation time

Then enter the preparation time this item needs

Click Save to close the popup window 

Once you've completed making all of your changes click Save at the top of the screen to commit your changes. 

Local Delivery

The instructions for delivery are identical to pickups. Just scroll further down the edit location page until you see Product availability within the Local Delivery section. 

Technical Limitations

  • This feature does not work with multi-location inventory enabled.
  • Your product availability for the location must be set to specific products.
  • This feature is not currently available for Shipping.
  • You must have general preparation time enabled on your location.
  • If your custom product based preparation time is shorter than the location's general preparation time, the longer time will take precedence, therefore you would need to make your location's preparation times the shortest possible and apply custom preparation times to all products that require longer.
  • Specific product preparation times do not have a cutoff time yet.
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