Store Pickup without Carrier Calculated Shipping

Learn how to configure your store for in-store pickup if you don't have carrier calculated shipping access
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As your Shopify plan does not include access to the Carrier Calculated Shipping API you must manually create your stores pickup rates. 

You can add Carrier Calculated Shipping to your Shopify plan at anytime, just contact Shopify via the Shopify Help Center. They will charge $20 per month or include it for free if you switch to annual billing.

  1. Within your Settings page click Shipping and delivery
  2. Next to General shipping rates click Manage rates
  3. Now tap the Add rate button under your shipping zone
  4. Within the modal that appears enter the words Store Pickup into the name field and leave the Price as 0 for free store pickup
  5. Click Done, to add your rate
  6. Finally hit the Save button at the top or the bottom of the screen

Charging for pickups

If you want to charge for pickups enter your desired price into the Price box within the rate modal. 

To control pricing per outlet you will need to add Carrier Calculated Shipping API access to your Shopify plan.

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