Limiting delivery slots

How to limit the number of orders per delivery slot

  1. Edit your Location by clicking it's name
  2. Scroll down to the Local Delivery section and locate your Delivery slots settings
  3. Click Limit number of orders per delivery slot
  4. Enter the maximum number of orders allowed per slot, per day in the Order limit field
  5. Click Save

Please Note

If you would like to offer some delivery times with unlimited slots, please enter a high value, such as 9999 in the order limit field next to that time. Writing 0 will result in the slot not showing on your store, as the app will read this information as having no slot available:

Technical limitations

It is possible for customers to exceed your slot limit in the following circumstances

  1. Say you have one remaining slot for a given day and multiple customers are on your shopping cart page at the same time when they both happen to select the last remaining slot. In this situation, it is possible that your slot limit will be exceeded. We only reduce the remaining slot count once an order has successfully been placed. 
  2. If you’re using abandoned carts, it's possible that your slot limit will be exceeded. The customer will choose their specific delivery slot on the shopping cart page and when they return using an abandoned cart link, they will be sent directly to the checkout process. This doesn’t give the customer an opportunity to select a new delivery slot. Instead, their old slot will remain valid and the order can be placed. 
  3. Draft orders are excluded from order counts.

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