Configure delivery days

To offer the most flexibility each of your delivery locations has it's own calendar rules. This is perfect if you have multiple locations each with their own delivery dates and times. Follow the guide below to learn how to configure which days you offer delivery.

Within Store Pickup + Delivery edit your Location

Scroll down to the Local Delivery section and locate the Delivery Availability controls

Delivery everyday of the week

If you offer local delivery 7-days a week select Every day of the week and click Save

Delivery specific days of the week

If you only allow customers to pickup on specific days of the week, for example Monday - Friday. Click Specific days of the week and uncheck the days of the week that you do not offer delivery and click Save.

Delivery specific dates of the year

If you only offer local delivery on specific dates of the year, select Specific dates of the year and add the dates you allow deliveries on.

Once you've added all your delivery dates click Save.

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