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[Important] Changes to fulfilment API
[Important] Changes to fulfilment API
Due to a recent change in Shopify Fulfilment API, we need you to update the Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery permissions
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In order to keep your Zapiet and Shopify order status synchronized, we ask you to update Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery permissions.

We strongly recommend that you update your permissions to ensure that your fulfilment processes run smoothly. This update is important in preventing any disruptions.

Updating your Zapiet app with the latest permission is a simple, one-click process. When you open Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, click Update and approve permissions in a yellow banner.

Please note, only the store owner can complete the update and approve changes.

To ensure uninterrupted syncing of order status between Zapiet and Shopify, we kindly request that you complete the update process before June 9th 2023.

After this date, your checkout will continue to work as usual. However, if you do not update the permissions, order statuses and tracking details will stop synchronizing with Shopify.

If you don't see the yellow banner in your Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery dashboard, the app has already been updated, and no action is required.

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