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Avada: Invoice Order Printer
Avada: Invoice Order Printer

Add Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery details to the invoices

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Avada: Invoice Order Printer helps merchants to create, send and manage professional invoices and documents.

You can add Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery details to the invoices generated by Avada: Invoice Order Printer.

  1. In Avada: Invoice Order Printer, click Settings.

  2. In Advanced section, click Enable developer mode, then click Save.

  3. In the Templates section, select the template you want to edit.

  4. In template preview, click Liquid.

  5. Add the following code to the template, where you would like the delivery date information to show.

    {% assign shipping_date = order.note_attributes | where: "name", "Shipping-Date" %}
    {% if shipping_date.size > 0 %}
    <p>Delivery Date: <b>{{ shipping_date.0.value | date: template.formatDate }}</b></p>
    {% endif %}

  6. Click Save.

The delivery date selected in the Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery widget will now be visible on the order confirmation template.

For any questions about the Avada: Invoice Order Printer functionality, please contact their support team at [email protected].

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