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Route optimization with Shopify's local delivery app
Route optimization with Shopify's local delivery app
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In this article we will explain how to use Shopify's Local delivery app in conjunction with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery. The Shopify local delivery app offers route optimization and also has a delivery list that you can give to your drivers to mark orders as delivered in real time.


  1. If you also offer pickup, the pickup location postal code cannot be a postal code that is eligible for delivery.

  2. If the pickup location postal code is eligible for delivery, customers will see a pickup rate and delivery rate at checkout.

What does Shopify's local delivery app do

  • Manage local delivery orders

The Shopify Local Delivery app helps you manage deliveries with optimized routes, automated notifications, and order status updates. Deliver to customers nearby with shareable delivery lists. Once you’re ready to deliver your orders, the app offers tools that drivers need to efficiently deliver orders. As deliveries are completed, upcoming stops will be moved to the top of the list.

  • Efficiently plan your routes

Create delivery lists that can be shared with drivers who have access to your store’s admin. Stops can be manually organized in your desired order, or you can use the automated route optimization feature. The optimization feature suggests the most time-efficient route for up to 100 stops (including the starting and ending location). This feature is powered by Google maps, and directions for each stop can be opened in your default map application.

  • Keep track of delivery progress and notify customers

View special delivery instructions that customers requested at checkout, and call or text customers at the touch of a button. Customers will receive an automated email or SMS notification when their order is on the way, has been delivered, or when they miss a delivery. Notifications are triggered from the app when an order’s delivery status is updated, and can be customized in your Shopify admin settings.

How to configure Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery and Shopify Local Delivery to work together

Step 1: Enable Shopify's local delivery feature within Shopify Shipping and delivery settings.

  • Click on the manage button on each of your delivery locations and enable delivery :

Step 2: Within each location add a delivery radius or a list of postal codes that you deliver to

  • This should match the setting you are using in Store pickup and delivery. If you are using the postal code distance validation method in-store pickup and delivery, please add the same list of postal codes for each location here

Step 3: Create delivery rates for each delivery location

  • You can create rates for each delivery location just like you can in Store Pickup and delivery

Step 4: Disable delivery rates within Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery

  • We need to disable the delivery rates in Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery to ensure that the customer does not receive multiple rates at checkout.

  • Open Store Pickup + delivery within your apps and go to the rates tab.

  • Scroll down to Local delivery rates and click the "Disable delivery rates" button shown below.

Step 5: Add our delivery details to the Shopify local delivery templates.

  • You can add our delivery attributes to the Shopify local delivery notifications in order to show the correct dates and times to the customer.

  • Add the following code to the "Out for Delivery" notification template within Shopify notification settings

 {% if attributes.Delivery-Date %}
<br />Delivery Date: {{ attributes.Delivery-Date | date: "%A, %-d %B %Y" }}<br />
{% endif %}
{% if attributes.Delivery-Time %}
Delivery Time: {{ attributes.Delivery-Time }}<br />
{% endif %}


Step 6: Install the Shopify Local delivery app from the Shopify app store

  • Install the app by going to the app store or following this link : Shopify Local Delivery

  • The app is free of charge

Step 7: Create a delivery list, plan your routes, share the list with your drivers

  • Once you have received some delivery orders and are ready to plan your routes, you can create a delivery list within the Shopify Local Delivery app.

  • Open the Shopify local delivery app and click create delivery list

  • Select the orders that you want to add to this delivery list as shown below :

  • Once the orders have been added you can click the optimize route button to plan the most efficient delivery route:

  • Once your route has been planned you can share your delivery list with your driver, they can then mark each order as delivered in real time and you can follow their progress.

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