Install instructions

Step 1

Follow our Online store 2.0 article to enable the Store Pickup + Delivery widget, but don't publish the duplicate theme before implementing the rest of the steps.


Please reach out to us at [email protected]—we’ll be happy to install the widget for you.

Only proceed if you are comfortable editing code yourself.

On the theme, click Actions > Edit code.

Step 2

  • The next 2 steps will reload our widget when the quantity changes.

Open assets/theme.js and search for the following:

if (Shopify && Shopify.StorefrontExpressButtons)


Prepend the following to the code above:

document.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent("zapiet:start"));


Step 3

Open layout/theme.liquid and search for the following:



Replace it with the code below:



If you are using a drawer cart, another step is needed to make sure the widget loads on the regular cart in case when customers come back to the cart after they have already proceeded to checkout.

Step 4

Open templates/cart.liquid and search for the following:

<button type="submit" name="checkout"


Prepend the following to the code above:

<div id="storePickupApp"></div>


The widget should appear on the cart page when you have added a product in the cart.

It should look similar to the screenshot below.

  • In the regular cart

  • In the drawer cart

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