This article is outdated. Please take a look at our Online store 2.0 article.

Automatic theme installation

When adding or publishing a new theme on your store please ensure that you have installed our widget via the theme settings page. Allow 1-2 minutes for your theme to be fully updated once you have clicked the Install Widget button.

Manual installation


If you have installed Store Pickup + Delivery after August 1st, please do not install the app manually as that will break your rates. Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to install it for you.

If you selected to manually install our widget on your store, or you selected auto install and our widget isn't appearing on your shopping cart page you can try to manually it using the instructions below. To get started please select your theme from the list below. If your theme is not listed below please follow the instructions at the bottom of this article.

Before making any changes to your theme please ensure that you have made a backup. You can do this easily by clicking the "Duplicate" button within Shopify or by clicking "Download theme file" as shown below.

Select your theme

Your theme not listed above?

Don't worry if your theme is not listed above. It is still possible for our app to work with your theme. Just follow the general instructions below or contact [email protected] for assistance.

General theme instructions

  1. Download the latest files from our release notes article.

  2. Upload storepickup.js and storepickup.scss.liquid to your themes Assets folder

  3. Create an empty snippet file called storepickup-addons.liquid

  4. Create a snippet file called storepickup.liquid and copy and paste the content from the storepickup.liquid file you downloaded in Step 1

  5. Open layouts/themes.liquid and find the following code:


    Prepend the following to the code above:

    {% include "storepickup" %}
  6. Open your shopping cart template this is normally snippets/cart-template.liquid or templates/cart.liquid and find the checkout button:

    <input type="submit" name="checkout">

    Prepend the following to the code above:

    <div id="storePickupApp"></div>


Need further assistance? [email protected]

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