Shopify has recently introduced the speed score metric to let you see your live theme’s performance. This is a very important metric when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and your customer’s shopping experience.

Speed score is based on Google Lighthouse performance metrics, with the higher score meaning better performance. Ideally, all stores would have a score above 90. In practice, however, theme and the apps installed will greatly impact your store’s speed score. That’s why Shopify will tell you how your theme’s speed score fares compared to similar stores. As long as you are in the average or above, you’re in a good place.

If you have recently hired an expert to improve your store speed performance, there’s a good chance Store Pickup + Delivery came up on the list of things to improve.


Speed score only takes a few pages into account:

  • Home page

  • Top-visited product page

  • Top-visited collection page

How does Store Pickup + Delivery impact my store’s performance?

Our code will load on every page of your store by default, even though our widget lives only on the cart page. We load the code everywhere to

While we do try to keep our code as light as possible, it will inevitably impact your store speed. Let’s look at drawer cart and the delivery validator widget first, and then at the steps you can take to improve your score.

Drawer cart

Drawer carts are great because they can be opened at any time without leaving the page you’re on. Here’s an example from the Express theme.

Because drawer carts can be opened at any time, our app needs to be constantly running in the background.


Please do not defer or async our scripts, as that might cause the widget to disappear.

Delivery validator widget

Delivery validator widget is an early access feature that adds a delivery validator bar on the top of your site. You can enable or disable it in Store Pickup + Delivery > Settings > Local delivery > Delivery validator widget.

Right now we bundle the delivery validator widget script with our app’s asset, called storepickup.js. If you wish to use the delivery validator widget, our app would also need to be constantly running in the background, with no defer or async options for the script.

With the full release of the delivery validator widget we plan to have a separate, smaller asset just for the validator. This should help improve the speed score.

Improving speed score

To improve the speed score, you will inevitably have to make a few trade-offs. When it comes to Store Pickup + Delivery, your trade-offs would be to:

  • Disable the delivery validator widget

  • Change your cart style to page cart, or

  • redirect the drawer cart checkout button to go to the page cart


You can usually change the cart style in the Customize > Cart part of your theme.

Once you’ve disabled the delivery validator widget and changed the cart style, last step is to make sure our app loads only on the cart page. Here’s how:

1. Click Online Store > Themes > [Theme name] > Actions > Edit code

2. Go to Layout/theme.liquid

3. Find

{% include "storepickup" %}

4. Replace it with

{% if request.page_type == 'cart' %}
  {% include 'storepickup' %}
{% endif %}

5. Click Save.

That’s it! You should soon see an increase in your store’s speed score. If you have any questions or concerns, just contact us at [email protected].

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