When you first installed the app you selected not to automatically install our widget into your theme. This means that currently your customers won't see options for store pickup or local delivery. 

To install our widget on your live theme you have two options:


1. Click Settings  and then Themes  within Store Pickup + Delivery
2. Locate your Live theme and click Install widget 

Within a matter of minutes your live theme will be updated to include our widget. 


If you are familiar with modifying code and themes on Shopify you can manually update your theme to include our widget by following the instructions below:

Upload required assets

  1. Download required assets
  2. Upload storepickup.liquid  and storepickup-addons.liquid  to your themes snippets  folder
  3. Next upload storepickup.js  and storepickup.scss.liquid  to your themes assets  folder

Adding tags

Open your layouts/theme.liquid file and just before the closing </head>  tag add the following code {% include 'storepickup' %}. 

Next locate your shopping cart template. This tends to be called either templates/cart.liquid or snippets/cart-template.liquid. Within the file insert <div id="storePickupApp"></div>  just above the Checkout button. 

Save your changes and refresh your shopping cart page. Our widget should now appear just above your checkout button. 

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