We've just launched a brand new version of Store Pickup + Delivery! We have made a huge number of improvements and important changes, so that we can continue to provide you with the best possible pickup and delivery solution available.

In order to get you up to speed i've documented the most important changes below. 

Product Updates

Outlet terminology

Outlets are now called Locations. We have made this change to match Shopify's own terminology. 

Improved navigation and device support

To improve navigation across all devices we have re-built our primary navigation bar. Now it doesn't matter if you are using the app on desktop, tablet or mobile it will work perfectly on each.

Enhanced order dashboard

We have rebuilt our entire order management and processing suite of tools. It's now easier then ever to locate your customers orders using our new search and filter tools. 

Simplified settings panel

We have simplified the settings section of the app by better categorising each setting and assigning them to their own subpages. Now all of your pickup settings are within the "Store Pickup" sub page, delivery in the "Local Delivery" page and so on. 

Support for multiple weight metrics

You can now configure the app to use kilograms, grams, ounces or pounds. To update your preference head to the Standards and metrics settings page.

Sortable pickup locations

You can now sort the order that your pickup locations appear by simply dragging and dropping them into the required order. 

You can now incentivise customers to pickup their orders rather than having them delivered or shipped by automatically adding a discount code to their orders.

Please note your theme must include v5.0.0 or above of our storepickup.js and storepickup.liquid files for this feature to work. 

Faster load times 

The app is now faster than ever! We have done a way with a huge amount of legacy code and refactored almost every aspect of the app to be as performant as possible. 

Ability to toggle on or off all notification emails 

We realise that not every merchant wants to use our in-house notification solution and so now you have the ability to toggle on or off all of our apps notification emails.

Granular control over your locations latitude and longitude

When you add a location to the app we automatically geolocate it. Sometimes the positioning can be a little off when displayed on a map. We now provide the ability to manually override a locations latitude and longitude so that you can adjust if necessary.

More advanced notice rules

We have added two more options to our advanced notice rules. You can now select either 60 or 90 minute rules.

Pricing clarity for development stores 

If you are using our app on a development store we will now notify you about Shopify's Carrier Calculated Shipping surcharge. We hope by doing this it will help improve clarity over the costs involved in using our apps rates feature.

We hope that you like the changes we have made. 

We have so much more in-store for you over the coming months. If you have any questions or experience any issues please be sure to each out to [email protected] and let us know.

Thanks as ever for your continued support! 

Andy Cargill
Founder of Zapiet

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