Note: This guide is aimed at stores that only offer pickup, not pickup and shipping or pickup and delivery. Setting up your store with this configuration when offering shipping/delivery will see no address data captured or shipping fee applied to your orders. All stores are required to be running v4.1.4 and above to be compatible with this style setup, you can find the latest assets on our Release Notes page.

When only offering pickup from your Shopify store we can streamline the checkout process removing the unnecessary stages of capturing an address or a shipping rate, speeding up the checkout process and improving conversion.

Configuring your products

To start, you need to ensure your products are prepared correctly. To disable address capture and shipping rate functionality, you need to convert all of your products to ‘digital’ virtual items. This can be done very easily using Shopify's’ product options:

If you have a large number of products to update to a digital version you can use Shopify’s bulk editor to apply this much quicker! Simply add the Requires shipping field using the Add property instructions:

Disabling the address pre-fill in Store Pickup + Delivery

Now that you have your products prepped, you need to disable the address pre-fill from our app.

To start, Open Store Pickup + Delivery and head to the Settings page: 

Once loaded, click on the Store Pickup option:

Scroll down, locate the option to Pre-populate shipping address fields and simply uncheck this option.

Now you’re ready to go! Customers checking out will now only be asked to provide a billing address and payment speeding up your checkout process!

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