Intuitive Shipping is an advanced shipping calculation app for Shopify merchants needing more options than what comes with the platform. From 4D boxing and per-item exclusions, to true wholesale shipping and everything in between, Intuitive Shipping’s extensive range of features gives you full control over how your shipping is calculated and displayed at checkout.

Please note that Intuitive Shipping can be used interchangeably to calculate both delivery and shipping rates

Step 1: Connect Intuitive Shipping to Store Pickup + Delivery

Within Store Pickup + Delivery click Rates

Click Advanced options within the Local Delivery section

Scroll down until you find Intuitive Shipping and click Add carrier 

Enter your Intuitive Shipping API key and click Enable Intuitive Shipping rates

To obtain your Intuitive Shipping API key follow the instructions at the bottom of this page

Click Save changes

Step 2: Prevent duplicate rates

Now you have connected Store Pickup + Delivery to Intuitive Shipping, we need to prevent Intuitive Shipping from displaying rates themselves. Otherwise, your customers will see duplicates.

Login to Shopify and click Settings 

Then click Shipping

Locate your Shipping zone and click Edit

Scroll down to the section titled Calculated rates and click the little x icon next to Intuitive Shipping

Click Save 

Obtaining your Intuitive Shipping API key

Login to Intuitive Shipping and click Settings

Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate you Unique API key 

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