Have a rate thats no longer valid or you simply don't want to offer anymore, not a problem, deleting rates is real easy!

To start open Delivery rates by distance and select Zipcode Zones from the upper right hand side of the screen.

Once loaded select the zone that you wish to edit, in this example we are going to delete a rate from our Upper West Side location. Simply click on the name of the zone and the rates section will load.

We are going to be removing our free delivery over €50 rate in this example, to load the rate simply click on its name. This will load the page where you can edit all of the parameters for the rate.

Simply select the red Delete rate button from the lower left hand side to remove the rate.

You will be prompted with a dialogue box to ensure you that you want to remove the rate. To complete the deletion of the rate click the red Yes, delete rate button.

The page will reload and your rate is now removed from the app!

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