What is the ZapietId and why is it appearing on my store?

If you are using our Rates system you may notice a new line item property appear called ZapietId. The ZapietId is used to determine which rates we should display to the customer within Shopify's checkout process. 

Dependant on which theme you are using you may see the ZapietId appear on your shopping cart page. Don't panic though, it's very easy to hide so your customers don't see it. Just follow the instructions below.

How to stop the ZapietId showing on your shopping cart

We automatically try to hide the ZapietId from appearing on your shopping cart page, but dependant on which theme you are using this is not always possible. 

Within your cart.liquid or cart-template.liquid file locate the following code

Update the line to include the following code

or p.first == "_ZapietId"

Click Save

Removing the ZapietId from your order screen

It's not possible for us to automatically remove the ZapietId due to restrictions with Shopify's API. Although you can safely remove it yourself by clicking the little trash icon on the right hand side.

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