This article demonstrates how to update your new order SMS notification to include your customers' chosen pickup/delivery date and time.

If you have already modified your SMS template, do not copy and paste the code shown below. Instead you will need to manually update your template using the principles shown below.

New order confirmation

Login to your store and click Settings

Click Notifications

Click Order confirmation

Click SMS

Copy and paste the following into the Content field

Hi{% unless order.customer.first_name == blank %} {{ order.customer.first_name }}{% endunless %}, thanks for your purchase of {{ order.total_price | money }} from {{}}! {% if order.attributes.Checkout-Method == "pickup" %}{% if order.attributes.Pickup-Date %}You order will be ready for pickup on {{ order.attributes.Pickup-Date | date: "%A, %-d %B %Y" }}{% if order.attributes.Pickup-Time %} at {{ order.attributes.Pickup-Time | date: "%R" }}{% endif %}{% else %}We'll notify you when it's ready.{% endif %}{% elsif order.attributes.Checkout-Method == "delivery" %}{% if order.attributes.Delivery-Date %}You order will be delivered on {{ order.attributes.Delivery-Date | date: "%A, %-d %B %Y" }}{% if order.attributes.Delivery-Time %} between {{ order.attributes.Delivery-Time }}{% endif %}{% else %}We'll notify you when it's out for delivery.{% endif %}{% else %}{% if order.requires_shipping %}We'll notify you when it ships.{% else %}We'll notify you when it's ready.{% endif %}{% endif %} {% if order.order_status_url %}View order ({{ }}): {{ order.order_status_url }}{% endif %}

Click Save

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