More often then not you will require some time to prepare an order before it can be shipped. You can control how much time is required using our Advance notice feature. Follow the guide below to learn how to use it. 

Click Settings from the main menu

Click on the Shipping option:

Scroll down to the Date picker section and locate the Advance notice controls

By default the earliest a customer can select shipping is the following day. You can easily increase this to any number of days by modifying the value in the field shown below.

You are also able to add a secondary rule that kicks in at a specific time of the day. This is incredibly useful if you offer next day shipping for orders placed before a specific time of the day and a longer shipping time for orders placed afterwards. To apply a secondary rule click the checkbox shown below. 

Set your cut off time for same day shipping 

Next set the minimum number of days required after your cut off time

Click Save

Your changes will be updated instantly. 

If you get unexpected results when testing please get in touch with our support team by emailing [email protected]. It maybe that your accounts timezone is incorrect, and we just need to tweak it. 

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