To offer the most flexibility, each of your pickup locations has it's own calendar rules. This is perfect if you have multiple locations, each with their own pickup dates and times. Follow the guide below to learn how to configure your pickup times.

Configure pickup times

Edit your Location by clicking on it's name

Click Enable pickup time selector. Please note that Enable pickup date calendar must be selected.

Scroll down to the Pickup Times section. If pickups are available at the same time on each of your pickup days, select Same everyday of the week

If your pickup times change on each day, select Different each day of the week

Set the earliest and latest time a customer can pickup from this location

Click Save

Configure pickup frequency

By default, we split your earliest and latest pickup times into hourly chunks. For example, if you offer pickups from 9am till 6pm, we will create 10 pickup slots; 9am till 10am, 10am till 11am, 11am till 12pm etc.

If you are are restauranteur, you’ll most likely want more granular pickup slots. Use the pickup slot interval to control how many pickup slots you want per hour.

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