What is a pickup location?

A pickup location is typically your brick and mortar store but depending on your business, it could be your restaurant locations, food trucks, temporary pop-up shops, or any other geographic location that your customers can pick up their order from.

How to add your pickup locations

Within the app, click Locations from the main menu

Next, click the Add location button

On the following screen, enter your locations address details

Then click the purple Enable Store Pickup button to activate pickups from this location

If you would like customers to select a date for pickup, click Enable pickup date calendar

If you would also like customers to select a pickup time, click Enable pickup time selector

Finally, click the Create button at the top of the screen

Great work! Your pickup location has now been created and customers will be able to select it immediately before they checkout. If you have multiple pickup locations, follow the steps above until you have added them all.

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